Recognition will be canceled if wrong information is given


Recognition will be canceled if wrong information is given…

UGC has given strict instructions to all Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs). Information about all degree programs will have to be uploaded on their website. This should include all the courses available in regular, online, and open and distance (ODL) modes. The university will also have to send this information to UGC.

If any university violates these rules, strict action will be taken against it. They can be fined. Recognition may be canceled. The course may be banned.

What is UGC, and how important is it?

UGC means university Grants Commission. It is a part of the government which was created in 1956. After India's independence, the university Grants Commission (UGC) was established to organize higher education. It started with an Act of parliament on 28 december 1953.

The main objective of UGC was to promote and coordinate higher education throughout India. UGC was created as an autonomous body to look after the work of reforming and raising the standards in higher education institutions across the country. Initially, UGC was only a body to give money to universities. But now it has become a multidimensional institution whose job is to decide the quality and direction of higher education in India. Although some challenges are data-faced, UGC plays an important role in ensuring that good education is available to all, research is promoted and standards of education remain good in India.

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