Teacher Breaks 9yr Old Girl's Skull by Beating With Metal Ruler??

Teacher Breaks 9yr Old Girl's Skull by Beating With Metal Ruler??

After allegedly being beaten by her teacher, a nine-year-old girl in china required emergency care for a broken skull. The incident has angered mainland Chinese citizens, who are demanding that the teacher receive immediate corporal punishment. The incident took place at the Bocai Meixihu Primary school in the central Chinese province of Hunan, according to a report in the South china Morning Post. After this incident came to light, the local police detained the teacher at this school, Song Mouming.

On september 6, at 4 p.m., a horrifying incident allegedly took place during an after-school activity when Song Mouming allegedly beat the student with a metal triangular scale. Her skull was broken as a result of the attack on her head. The police and the school staff have not yet given an explanation for the beating.

The child would then be taken to the school doctor, Teacher Song decided. The school doctor determined that the nine-year-old's injury was minor and would only need a few stitches. The school staff then took the girl to a nearby hospital for treatment. Without the consent of the family of the student, the hospital staff refused to treat the girl. The school didn't actually inform the girl's parents until this point.

According to a South china Morning Post (SCMP) report, the girl's mother stated that the doctor treating her daughter would suture the girl's head wound per the recommendation of the school. She then pleaded with them to perform diagnostic procedures and formulate a formal diagnosis. The test results surprised everyone. It was discovered that the girl had a fractured skull with bone fragments lodged inside of her skull. The girl's aunt was speaking with Jiupai news when she said, "Her Brain is almost coming out, It could have been fatal." This statement was cited in an SCMP report. Once the official diagnosis was made, surgery was performed right away. The doctors almost spent five hours removing the fragments. 

The girl is currently being treated in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but her condition is still critical. One of the school's employees told the local media that they would assist the law enforcement in their investigation and put the safety of the students first.

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