History about World Animal Welfare Day!!!

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History about World Animal Welfare Day!!!

World Animal Day, also known as World Animal Protection Day or World Animal Welfare Day, is an annual celebration of animal rights and welfare in all countries. In order to improve the world for all animals, it unites and mobilises the animal protection movement into a global force. This historic event serves as a reminder of our responsibility to safeguard and sustain the numerous species that coexist on our planet. Together, we can end the suffering and cruelty meted out to animals and alter the way things are. Continue reading to learn more about this day, from the date to the history.

"Big or small, we love them all" is the theme for World Animal Day in 2023.

World Animal Welfare Day's history

The idea for World Animal Day was developed by German author and editor Heinrich Zimmermann of the magazine Man and Dog. Zimmermann organised the first World Animal Day celebration at the sports Palace in Berlin, Germany, on march 24, 1925. Records indicate that more than 5,000 people were present. Zimmermann spent many hours promoting World Animal Day. His proposal to declare october 4 as World Animal Day was overwhelmingly endorsed and adopted as a resolution at a congress of the international Animal Protection congress in Florence, Italy, in May 1931. The UK-based animal protection group Naturewatch Foundation launched the World Animal Day website in 2003 in an effort to increase awareness of the occasion.

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