Famous Singer bad condition at age 27?what happen??

Amy Winehouse: Who was being called the star of the world, such a bad condition at the age of 27? Amy's story makes you cry
Amy Winehouse: The more fame Amy earned in the profession, the more trouble and infamy she found in her personal life.
Amy Winehouse : In the year 2008, Grammy Awards were announced in America. british singer Amy Winehouse, who did not get a visa to appear on the show, won 5 awards and became a star. He won the Record of the Year and Best Male Artist awards for the song. british singer Amy shot to worldwide fame with her record-breaking R&B album, Back to Black, released in 2006. 10 million copies of this album were sold. Amy, on the other hand, was spending time in de-addiction centers hoping to somehow get over her addiction.

Winehouse was a sensation
Winehouse was definitely a sensation. His special style of eyeliner, tattoos made on his body, his style of playing songs and his addiction to alcohol had also made him famous all over the world. He got such recognition at an early age that he was called the biggest star of the world.
Amy used to drink alcohol even on stage,
but she was often embarrassed by her addiction. Many times she used to go on stage drunk. Once in Serbia, she kept babbling on the stage in a drunken state for some time, then slowly left. Amy Winehouse was married to Black Fielder but their relationship was not very good in the last days. Many people said that her husband had a hand in making Amy addicted to drugs.
The Grammy and Brit Award winning singer had a tough time dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. To get rid of addiction, she also stayed in a de-addiction center for some time, but alcohol consumed her body. In the last few months, Amy's body had become such that seeing her it was difficult to say that she is 27 years old.
Amy, born on 14 september 1983, left the world at the age of just 27. His body was found on 23 July 2011 at his london home. His death was believed to be due to drug overdose. When Amy left, the company that released her songs had said that we have lost a big star.

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