"Uneducated PM" jibe: Explained!!

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"Uneducated PM" jibe: Explained!!

A day after raising eyebrows at the legality of prime minister Narenra Modi's degrees, delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejrial dared to show his degree on Saturday. Despite being fined 25,000 rupees by the gujarat high court after calling Modi "illiterate... less educated" on Friday, kejriwal said on Saturday: "The children laughed during one of his speeches. Anyone can cheat our prime minister if they are not educated. 60,000 schools have been closed in india in recent years. 

What progress is there in a country without education? If the prime minister has a legitimate degree, why not show it? 

Why are the universities in delhi and gujarat hiding his degrees? 

I want to ask. 

Does india need an educated Prime Minister?

Kejriwal deepened the controversy and eyed the verdict somberly, tweeting on Friday: "Doesn't the country even have the right to know how educated its prime minister is? They were against showing his diploma in court. For what? Will those who want to see his diploma be fined? What's up? An illiterate or poorly educated prime minister is very dangerous for the country.

CM delhi would like to stay ahead in the 2024 general election, although some politicians are considering a non-congress front or, say, a third front before the election. 

Kejriwal then maintained a virulent tirade against the prime minister. 

In fact, kejriwal has intensified his attacks on the prime minister in recent days. 

He slammed Modi on Jantar Mantar; 

tracked him down at a gathering, campaigned against the prime minister and questioned his qualifications. The AAP believes the education plan will bear fruit as the party has achieved success on this front in delhi and is also celebrated by the people of Punjab. Unlike other political parties , the AAP does not want to get involved in undermining institutions, democracy and so on. 

Its main purpose is "delivery".

If he has a degree, why doesn't he show it? 

So far, all of our prime ministers have been highly educated and no one has questioned their voices. But here we have a situation where we ask for evidence and we get a fine," a senior AAP official said, according to the indian Express.

 A senior AAP member said the educational plan would not work again this time. 

But yeah, that's going to be one of those issues, too," he said. The aim is to weigh his weight and draw people's attention to the reluctance of the bjp and prime minister Modi to speak out or share evidence of his credentials. TheAAP claims they have highly educated people in the party and believe that people will vote for educated candidates. However, the bjp comfortably basks in the aura of Modi's "popularity" and believes this will be the "selfish goal" of the Kejriwala party.

In a country where hundreds of thousands of people still lack access to education due to various socio-economic factors, will such a line of attack alienate voters? 

The general consensus within the AAP is that this will not be the case. 

"Much water has passed under the bridge since 2014.) people have now seen the horrors of demonization, GST, farmer's bills, price hikes and toxic sludge for fuel. He says the Biharis defeated Alexander before he even got to Bihar. He has made absurd claims over the years. If we say today that he speaks like an ignorant man, he will be much more persuasive," an AAP leader told indian Express.

In a press conference on Friday, AAP rajya sabha MP sanjay singh also escalated his attack on the prime minister. 

He said: "This is the first time that an uneducated person has received this position. The whole country wants to see his degree (from Modi) in all political science. Why don't the 140 million people of this country have the right to know the rank of prime minister? he said.

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