He gave in 3 months what you couldn't in 3yrs..letter to hubby?

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He gave in 3 months what you couldn't in 3yrs..letter to hubby?

In jhansi city of Uttar Pradesh, a woman left her husband and eloped with her lover. Before running away, she wrote a letter to her husband, in which she listed all the reasons for running away with her lover. She wrote in the letter that the lover gave her everything within three months, which he (her husband) could not give in three years of married life. That's why now she will always be with her lover. The husband took this letter from his wife and filed a complaint at the jhansi police station, after which the police started searching for the wife.

Her husband did not keep her happy, fell in love with the boy working at the shop

A shopkeeper of the Sagar Gate area in Jhansi's Kotwali area had married a girl from Punjab. It had been 3 years of marriage, but the wife was not happy with her husband. Meanwhile, he liked a boy passing in front of the house every day. The boy used to work at a shop there. Three months ago the wife messaged the boy and both started meeting. Within 3 months, the wife liked him so much that she decided to break the bond of marriage and run away with the boy.

Ran away after writing a letter 4 days ago

The wife wrote a letter to her husband and left him at home 4 days ago and eloped with the boy. Wrote in the letter that there is no respect in my house. You (husband) are colourful. What you could not give me in three years, he (boyfriend) gave in three months. Now I have made up my mind to spend my life with him and am leaving you forever. The husband has complained by giving this letter to the jhansi police station, on which the search for his wife has been started. Although Inspector Kotwali Tulsiram Pandey says that an adult girl can take decisions on her own. On meeting the girl, she will be asked and then action will be taken.

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