Bengaluru Man buys World's most costliest Dog 20Cr!!!

S Venkateshwari
Bengaluru Man buys World's most costliest Dog 20Cr!!!

In today's time everyone is fond of keeping dogs. It is also said that a man betrays but a domesticated dog never cheats. There are different breeds of dogs in the world. people also buy them, but generally the cost of dogs is not very high, but a person has spent 20 crores to buy a dog of a special breed, which is an interesting thing.

According to a report, a person from Bangalore has recently bought an expensive breed dog worth Rs 20 crore from Hyderabad. This person has a different hobby of buying dogs of expensive breeds. The name of this person is Satish, who is also the President of the indian Dog Breeders Association and owns a kennel in Bangalore.

Bangalore Mirror reported that the Caucasian Shepherd has been named "Cadabom Hayder" after Satish's kennel. Hayder is 1.5 years old. He recently participated in a trivandrum Kennel Club program and another dog show. The special thing is that he has won 32 medals for the best dog breed.

The owner of this dog has told that Hayder is very big in data-size and very friendly. Presently, he is staying at my house only. This person is known only for buying expensive and rare breed dogs. In 2016, Satish became the first person in india to have two Korean Mastiffs. The cost of each one of them was Rs 1 crore. He had brought these dogs from China.

Talking about the features, this 20 crore rare breed dog is considered to be fearless and kind-hearted Caucasian Shepherd Guardian Breed, which are found especially in Georgia, armenia Azerbaijan, Ossetia, Dagestan and parts of Russia.

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