Solar eclipse: Do's and don'ts to follow...

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Solar eclipse: Do's and don'ts to follow...


The last solar eclipse of this year is happening today i.e. on Tuesday. Govardhan Puja takes place on the next day of diwali, but this time due to a solar eclipse, this Puja will be held on 26 october instead of 25 October. When will the Sutak of Solar Eclipse take place and what to do and not to do during this time, let's know?

Surya Grahan Sutak Time

This time the solar eclipse is going to take place on the next day of diwali i.e. on 25 October. This eclipse will be the first solar eclipse of the year visible in India. It can be partially seen in India. This solar eclipse will be of 4 hours, and 3 minutes. The solar eclipse will take place at 02.29 in the afternoon and will end at 06.32 in the evening. In india, it will start at 04:22 in the evening. But the salvation of this eclipse will not be seen in india because the sunset will happen before the solar eclipse ends.

There is a rule to apply Sutak 12 hours before the solar eclipse. Since the solar eclipse in india will start from 04:22 in the evening, the rules of Sutak will be applicable from 04:22 in the morning i.e. the next morning of diwali will start with the Sutak period. It is said that it is necessary to follow certain rules during the Sutak. Know about these rules here.

Put basil leaves in food and drink before sutak

Sutak starts about 12 hours before the solar eclipse. The time from the beginning of the Sutak to the end of the eclipse is not considered auspicious. Therefore, during this time it is forbidden to worship etc. and eat or drink anything. The doors of the temples are also closed as soon as the sutak is applied. Apart from this, basil leaves are put in food and drink even before the start of the sutak. It is believed that the thing in which the basil leaf falls. That thing is not impure. It can be used again after the eclipse period is over.

Follow these rules

Pregnant women should not do the work of cutting anything in the sutak. On this day, they should take care to keep the pregnancy safe. Food is neither prepared nor eaten during the Sutak period. It is considered a corrupt period. However, such rules are not applicable to sick, old and pregnant women.

Do not leave the house from the time of Sutak till the eclipse is over. 

Pregnant women should not use any sharp objects like knives, scissors etc. from the Sutak period till the eclipse period is over. Neither do sewing-embroidery.

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