South Indian Cinema is Bigger than Bollywood

And no other films are as well-written and executed in terms of commercial appeal as telugu Cinemas. The constant use of the term "Bollywood" to refer to the whole indian movie industry has irritated me to no end. The indian film industry is enormous, and no single language or state's movie can adequately depict our country's diverse abilities, diverse cultures, and diverse tastes.
So, why not coin a new term to refer to all of India's film industries as one? After numerous foreign outlets wrongly labelled rrr as a bollywood film simply because it is an indian ,pvoe, netizens chastised the editors. bollywood is the abbreviation for the hindi cinema industry, and the term is frequently misused as a synonym for indian cinema as a whole.
It is, however, only a small component of India's vast movie industry, which includes other production centres that produce films in a variety of languages. Finally, international portals must understand that indian cinema is a subset that only pertains to the hindi film business. We also have a slew of other regional industries, and the phrase has to be updated after the southern entertainment companies stole the show with their tried-and-true formula that works.

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