Voice cloning: What are the strategies to prevent fraud?

S Venkateshwari
Voice cloning: What are the strategies to prevent fraud?

Initially, be very cautious when answering calls from unfamiliar numbers; don't jump to conclusions about them. Verifying his identity is crucial before speaking with him. Apps like Truecaller that offer caller ID are available for usage. If a friend or family calls you from an unknown number, be cautious. Try hanging up and giving the person a call on their actual number. Ask him some questions that only you two know the answers to if he uses the excuse that he lost the phone or persists in some other way. He won't be able to respond if he is a liar. In case you are still unsure about him, invite him to participate in a video chat. Only transfer funds after verification.

Steer clear of any urgent requests made by strangers. These individuals typically exert pressure to make snap decisions without careful consideration. Refrain from making snap decisions, particularly if the caller is requesting money or private information. Avoid having a lengthy conversation with an unknown individual. He will keep attempting to persuade you to offer more money or information the longer you talk to him. As soon as you can, stop talking. Keep your personal information private. Use caution while posting material on social media. social media is the primary source of information for most fraudsters.

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