How a Mumbai Man Lost Rs. 43 Lakh to Online Fraud?

How a mumbai Man Lost Rs. 43 Lakh to Online Fraud?

According to police, a 33-year-old Navi mumbai man was the most recent victim of the "online task" fraud and lost more than Rs 43 lakh to con artists who had enticed him with promises of large payouts. The man, a resident of the Koparkhairane area, was contacted by the fraudsters via whatsapp and told that he could earn good money by working a part-time job that involved online tasks, an official said. He quoted the First Information Report and said, "Hoping to earn good returns, the victim ended up paying Rs. 43.45 lakh in different bank accounts but never received any payment."

The indian Penal Code (IPC) section 420 (Cheating and dishonestly Inducing Delivery of Property) was used to register the case. The "online task fraud" typically entraps victims by having them complete tasks like liking videos and other things while paying out small sums at first to gain their trust. The victims were later convinced to make investments with the promise of high returns.

Another case involving a 33-year-old Navi mumbai woman who allegedly lost Rs 17 lakh after being duped by scammers with an online job offer has recently come to light. Between august 9 and august 14, 2023, the suspects allegedly stole Rs 17,00,629 from her for the "job" they had offered.

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