Who is the terrorist for Varanasi's serial blast??


Varanasi Serial Blast Case: Who is the terrorist Waliullah who got the death sentence, how did he plead in front of the judge at the last moment?

The ghaziabad court on monday gave its verdict in the varanasi serial blasts case. The convict, in this case, Waliullah, has been sentenced to death. There were serial bomb blasts in varanasi on 7 march 2006. In this 18 people died. 50 people were injured.

A day earlier, the ghaziabad court had convicted Waliullah. The court has also imposed a fine of 60 thousand on him. Waliullah is lodged in Dasna jail for 16 years. What was the role of Waliullah in the blast and what did Waliullah say when the court sentenced him? Let's know…

There were serial bomb blasts in varanasi on 7 march 2006. The first blast took place at 6.15 pm at the Sankatmochan temple in the Lanka police station area of Varanasi. Seven people were killed in this while 26 were injured. After 15 minutes at 6.30 am, a cooker bomb was found near the railing of the Jammu railway gate in the Dashashwamedh Ghat police station area. Due to the promptness of the police, the explosion was averted here.

After the troubleshooter, there was an explosion in front of the first-class restroom at varanasi Cantt railway station in GRP varanasi police station area, in which 11 people were killed and 50 people were injured.

Waliullah has been found guilty of involvement in the terror attack near Sankatmochan temple and Dashashwamedh Ghat. In both these cases, the court has convicted terrorist Waliullah on charges of murder, attempt to murder, injury and mutilation, Explosive Substances Act, and terrorist activity, while in the third case he was acquitted.

After this attack, on april 5, 2006, the police arrested Waliullah, a resident of Phulpur in Prayagraj, from Lucknow. police also recovered a 32-bore pistol, bike, and RDX detonator from the possession of Waliullah. Since then he was in jail. It is said that Waliullah used to teach in a madrasa.

Waliullah had taken the names of three more people during the interrogation of the police. These are Mustakim, Zakaria, and Shamim. However, these three accused are yet to be caught. All of them were residents of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that these three fled to pakistan via Bangladesh.

When the death sentence was being given in the court, Waliullah begged for mercy. When the court asked him about the punishment, he said, 'The financial condition of the 80-year-old mother, wife, son, and daughter in the house is bad. No one is earning. I used to make a living by educating the children in the madrasa. Waliullah argued that his conduct in jail was right, so he should be given the least punishment. However, the court rejected this and sentenced him to death.

When Waliullah was caught, the trial of this case started in the varanasi court itself. At that time all the lawyers in anger refused to fight his case. Later, the high court transferred the matter to the ghaziabad court.

After the terrorist attack, it was found in the police investigation that these three incidents were carried out together by five terrorists. One of these terrorists Maulana Zubair was killed in an encounter with security forces on the LoC the very next year after the incident, while three are still absconding.

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