Important tips during cooking which saves time and energy!!!

S Venkateshwari
Important tips during cooking which saves time and energy!!!

When boiling the egg, add 2 drops of vinegar into the water in order to prevent the egg from breaking.

When you make a pickle recipe, lightly fry the salt so that the top of the pickle does not turn white.

Soak the rice and lentils 1/2 hour before cooking so that they will boil quickly.

Instead of rubbing oil on the dosa stone before pouring the dosa, spray the water and rub it away.

Ginger garlic paste tastes good if you add a little more garlic than ginger to make it perfect.

If the holes on the bottom of the coffee filter get clogged, put it over the gas stove towards the flame it should be very low, hold the filter and point it over the burner so that the clogged dust will fall off.

Grind a handful of boiled rice in a mixer and mix it with idly batter to get a soft idly.

Always use fresh garlic PASTE' target='_blank' title='ginger garlic paste-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ginger garlic paste to cook the biryani.

While grinding the batter for aapam, add coconut water and grind to make it soft and tasty.

Before making ladies finger fry, cut it and keep it outside under the hot sun for half an hour towards easiest cooking.

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