Should Sharmila and Kavitha stay away from politics..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Should sharmila and kavitha stay away from politics..!?
* New problems started for jagan with Sharmila's politics.
* sharmila who does not miss any opportunity to put jagan in a tight spot.
* BRS will suffer severely due to Kavita's corruption cases.
It is known that sometimes small problems can create big accidents. It must be said that sharmila is the reason for YCP's loss of power in ap and kavitha BRS's future in telangana is questionable. While sharmila was doing politics to put jagan in a tight spot, kavitha herself got involved in cases and put the party in trouble. Comments are heard that the political career of both sharmila and kavitha is over and they will not achieve anything in politics. It is heard in the political circles that these two are reducing their image in politics step by step. There are allegations that congress on one side and tdp on the other side are playing politics by using sharmila as a pawn.
Kavitha got involved in corruption cases and brought a bad name to the Kalvakuntla family. kavitha is facing difficulties in bail related to this case. Kavita did nothing against the family. sharmila, on the other hand, is not giving up any opportunity to trouble the family, comments are being expressed on the social media platform. It is noteworthy that sharmila dreams of becoming the cm of ap in the future, but there are opinions that the hatred of the congress party among the people of ap is diminishing for her. Only if Kavita gets out of jail, the situation will change. No one understands the reasons behind jagan being targeted by Sharmila. Only if sharmila and kavitha stay away from politics, there is a chance of changing this situation. No matter how hard sharmila tries, there is no chance for congress to recover in AP.

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