Indian 2 - Case has been Filed against the film seeking a Ban

A lawsuit has been filed against "Indian 2," starring kamal haasan and directed by Shankar, asking for a ban as the movie gets ready for a big premiere. The renowned instructor of Keralan martial arts, Aasan Rajendran, said that he taught kamal haasan for the first movie. He claimed in his lawsuit that the second movie had also made advantage of his methods. He said that no one asked for his consent.
On July 9, the madurai District court heard the matter, according to an ANI report. The 'Indian 2' team requested more time to prepare a response to Rajendran, so the judge rescheduled the hearing for July 11. HMS Colony in madurai is home to Aasan Rajendran, a martial arts instructor. He submitted a petition claiming he was given credit for teaching kamal haasan Varma Kalai for the 1996 film "Indian." Since the crew neglected to ask his permission before applying the tactics he taught kamal haasan for the first film, he asked the court to prohibit the film from being shown in theatres and on over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

In a special interview with, director Shankar stated that he has no idea what type of study kamal haasan completes for his character. He did, however, note that prakasam Gurukkal was consulted for "Varma Kalai" in "Indian 2." He said to us, "We brought prakasam Gurukkal from kerala and followed his guidance because we needed expert advice this time." In the movie, a distinct Varmam style is evident."

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