Both KCR and Jagan are in the same position..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Both kcr and jagan are in the same position..!?
* kcr maintained good relations with Jagan.
* In 2023 and 2024 the whole scene is reversed.
* Second place is also difficult for both of them.
In the year 2014, the united state of andhra pradesh was separated. A separate state of telangana was formed with it. After the secession of the state in 2014, the telugu desam party came to power in the andhra pradesh state elections by securing huge assembly seats, and the trs party came to power in Telangana. When the year 2019 comes, the ycp party comes to power in andhra pradesh, but in telangana, the trs party has come to power for the second time. And since Chandrababu was in power in the year 2014, kcr was also not in great harmony with him. Since jagan became the cm in 2019, he maintained good relations with him. Otherwise, the trs party suffered a heavy defeat in the assembly elections held in the state of telangana in the year 2023. And the congress party came to power by securing huge seats.
In the elections held in the state of andhra pradesh in the year 2024, the ycp party also suffered a severe setback. tdp party came to power in Andhra Pradesh. Currently, Jagan's situation in andhra pradesh state and KCR's situation in telangana state is the same. In the next elections, there are chances that the bjp party will come second and push BRS to third place. When it comes to Andhra, this time telugu Desam, janasena, and bjp are contesting together and ycp is in the second position. janasena is currently on good momentum. If the janasena contests in the next election, there are chances of coming second. With that, like in telangana, there is a possibility that jagan will fall to the third position here. Currently, KCR's situation in telangana and Jagan's situation in Andhra are almost identical.

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