Cost of giant diamond on Isha Ambani's forehead

A lot of people are talking about Isha Ambani's attire from Anant Ambani and radhika Merchant's sangeet ceremony. Her forehead bears a large diamond, which is the only feature that sticks out. fashion aficionados can't stop talking about the enormous diamond that took the place of Sindoor—possibly a Maang Tikka—beyond appreciation and curiosity. Do you know how much that ostentatious piece of jewelry on her forehead cost?

Isha Ambani captured everyone's attention with her sophisticated ensemble, a Schiaparelli saree, a double-layered natural diamond necklace, and a Schiaparelli brooch. Her hairdo would have been incomplete without a diamond spark. Five or six-carat diamonds were pinned in the shape of a necklace to her neat bun of hair. The enormous 10-carat diamond in the middle was what caught my attention. If the claims about its pricing are accurate, it is a modified cushion-cut diamond of 14 carats, valued at around Rs 4.5 crores.

Following Justin Bieber's captivating performances of his great chartbuster songs, badshah and karan Aujhla stole the show, bringing their classic songs—Kaala Chashma and Softly, among others—to life on stage. You would be surprised to hear that Badshah's fee was nearly the same as the price of the enormous diamond owned by Isha Ambani. Per the reports, badshah received payment of Rs 4 crores to perform at the Sangeet of Anant and Radhika.

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