How Were Indian Human Traffickers Caught in Dallas?

Four Indian-Americans, one of whom was a woman, were detained in texas on suspicion of operating a human trafficking ring, as we reported yesterday. Upon discovering fifteen women who were purportedly victims of human trafficking, the Princeton police Department detained the four.
Unexpectedly, it was a pest control firm that was contacted to address probable bed bug infestations that initially found the problem. The Fox news reporter said that when pest controllers entered the home rented by Santhosh Katkoori and his wife dwaraka Gunda, they saw many enormous bags and three to five young ladies sleeping on the floors in each room, which was unexpected and startling. They got in touch with the police right away, which prompted more research.

Authorities found that the ladies, who shared a home on Ginsburg Lane in Princeton's Collin County, were compelled to sleep on the ground among a meager assortment of blankets and largely technological devices. Following their arrest, Chandan Dasireddy (24), dwaraka Gunda (31), Santhosh Katkoori (31), and Anil Male (37), are accused of trafficking in humans, a grave offence.
 15 adult females were discovered at Santhosh Katkoori's home when Princeton police conducted a more thorough inquiry. It was claimed that these women were forced to work for his and his wife's shell firms. Cell phones, computers, and fake documents used in the forced labor scheme were found by the police.

Over 100 persons are participating, according to Princeton police Sgt. Carolyn Crawford; however, details of the labor involved were not made public. The house's renters, the owners, are shocked that their property is being utilized for such illegal activity. Fox 4 news reports that more arrests are expected.


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