The youth of AP have placed their hopes on TG Bharat.!!

Sowmiya Sriram
The youth of ap have placed their hopes on TG Bharat.!!
* Will TG Bharat play a key role in bringing new industries to AP?
* The arrival of new industries is a must for the wealth of ap to increase.
*  Chandrababu gave more priority to the joint kurnool leaders.
In the results of the 2024 elections, the alliance has also shown its strength in the joint kurnool district. In 12 constituencies of the district, the voters gave a verdict in favor of the alliance. tdp won in 11 constituencies while bjp won in one. As everyone expected, TG Bharat won as mla from kurnool Assembly Constituency and got the post of Minister. Chandrababu TG Bharat has been entrusted with the responsibilities of industries, commerce, and food processing departments. It is known that new industries are very important for ap in the current situation. If the wealth of the state is to increase on a massive scale, there is no other option but to bring industries to AP. people of ap feel that TG Bharat is the leader who will change the state and direction.
It can be said that if new industries come to the state, the state will develop rapidly. While TG Bharat's family has its own industries in kurnool, it remains to be seen how many industries Bharat will bring to the state with his talent. The youth of ap are commenting that Chandrababu has made a good decision by giving key departments to TG Bharat. It is known that the youth of rayalaseema are going to hyderabad and Bangalore for employment. It remains to be seen if TG Bharat will change this situation by taking steps towards setting up new industries. It remains to be seen whether TG Bharat will retain the trust of the people of AP. Among the promises given by the leaders of the alliance, steps have already been taken towards the implementation of some of the promises. Soon the alliance leaders will implement some more promises. It is noteworthy that Chandrababu gave more priority to the joint kurnool leaders even in the matter of ministerial posts.

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