If Not Prabhas, Who's the Real Kalki?

The part that deepika padukone will play in the forthcoming mythological science fiction movie kalki 2898 AD is very important. Despite being a major character, her precise function is yet unknown. Online conjecture on her role has skyrocketed since the release of the teaser. Many people on social media have debated whether deepika would portray Kalki's mother or Padma, sharing their theories.

The movie, inspired by the Hindu concept of kali Yug, begins in the Mahabharat period and finishes in 2898 AD. amitabh bachchan portrays the everlasting ashwatthama, prabhas plays Bhairava, and kamal haasan plays the main adversary. According to a widely accepted belief, deepika portrays Kalki's mother Sumati. Supporters point to a scene in which ashwatthama says she is bearing a holy kid and, in an apparent reference to Sumati, a reward notification identifies her as SUM-80. According to this hypothesis, prabhas may have two identities: Bhairava and Kalki.

Others, meanwhile, contend that Deepika's persona—as depicted in the official poster—is called Padma. They think that footage from trailers is stitched together to deceive viewers. According to a different belief, which is consistent with Vishnu's avatars' relationship to Shiva, Bhairava is Kalki's tutor. Even if these conversations are only theoretical, they contribute to the suspense, enthusiasm, and build-up surrounding the movie. The details of the storyline are yet unknown. The release date of kalki 2898 AD is june 27, 2024.

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