Not Jr NTR, Ram Charan is TDP Cadre's Favourite

Ram Charan was present during the swearing-in ceremony of Chandrababu Naidu. He may be seen seated next to nara brahmani in a video that has gone viral. He also complimented chandrababu naidu after meeting him on the occasion. On social media, a photo like it is also becoming very popular. Recently, the tdp cadre has developed a fondness for ram Charan. Stars of his kind are often quite calculated in everything they do, and they become much more so in politics.
However, Charan attended the TDP-hosted ntr Centenary Celebrations last year without holding back. At this point, Jagan's politics of vendetta are at their peak. Even though the ceremony is connected to NT Ramarao, the Pride of telugu People, no other prominent figure in tollywood dared to attend. Before the poll, he traveled to pithapuram to visit his uncle and offered his support to Pawan Kalyan.

This entailed providing covert backing to the coalition throughout the electoral cycle. And today, when many stars remained calculative, he attended the swearing-in event without inhibitions. Yesterday, ram Charan was present at Chandrababu Naidu's swearing-in ceremony. ram Charan even attended the ntr Centenary Celebrations last year, demonstrating how close he has gotten to the tdp cadre.

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