Samantha Enjoys a 'Rare Privilege'

Despite her relative inactivity in the professional sphere, samantha Ruth Prabhu uses social media to update her followers on her whereabouts. Using her instagram account, the actress revealed on tuesday that she had visited Sadhguru's Isha Foundation in coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) through a series of photos.
Samantha was spotted in the pictures together with other folks at one of Sadhguru's presentations. Her hands were folded as she sat on the ground. A peek of samantha meditating at the Isha Foundation was also revealed in one of the photos. The kushi actress also provided tidbits of her time spent interacting with the animals at the facility.

Samantha has visited the Isha Foundation of Sadhguru before. The actress went there in July 2023 as part of her myositis therapy. She had written a lengthy statement on instagram at the time, emphasising the need of meditation. It was nearly impossible to remain motionless a while back—without ideas racing through your mind, without twitching, itching, twisting, and turning. Now, though, my greatest source of strength comes from being in a contemplative mood. of peace. of association. And concerning clarity.She had remarked, "Who would have imagined that something so basic could be so powerful.

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