Glam Divas Fail to be Crowd Pullers

It seems that the ability of glam divas to lure large crowds is decreasing in Tollywood, as seen by the youthful diva Payal Rajput's film "Rakshana" and the attractive actress Kajal Aggarwal's current movie "Satyabhama," which failed to open big. anjali recently starred in the lead role in "Geetanjali Malli Vachindii," her most recent release, however, the movie was a box-office disaster.

Producer and distributor sunil Narang thinks there's little innovation in investigative police stories and that only a few actresses can draw large audiences. He continues, "To be honest, we can't compete with OTT content in police procedurals or investigative thrillers because they are so compelling and unique." He says there are a lot of talented telugu performers, but not enough plots to use them. "To counter the threat of OTTs, I wish young filmmakers would create ground-breaking stories like in malayalam or tamil films," the speaker says.

Master producer vishnu Induri, who collaborated with kangana ranaut on the female-focused film "Thailiaivi," disagrees. He continues, "I don't think we should treat OTTs as a threat because they have become a part of our filmmaking business and turned into an additional revenue source for telugu films. I also don't have gender bias, and I don't like to categorize films as being centered around either women or men."

According to him, casting is more often determined by the scripts than the other way around. "If the story is good enough, people will come to the theatres; if not, it won't work." He continues, "Her earlier film 'Mangalavaram' worked at the box office so it is just the story to be blamed," in response to Payal Rajput's 'Rakshana' failing to make people's wallets ring.
Despite the lackluster reception that woman-focused films have received, rising celebrities like anupama parameswaran and rashmika Mandana are pushing the genre forward with their respective films, Paradha and The Girlfriend, respectively. "All actors enjoy taking on a movie on their shoulders, and they jump at the chance to do so," says director Hemanth Madhukar, of the woman-focused movie "Nishabdam," starring anushka Shetty. "Even samantha and Keerthy suresh tasted success as crowd pullers with 'Yashoda' and 'Mahanati' respectively," he states.

Even tamannaah and Kajal, who previously worked with celebrities, are now gravitating towards lady-oriented films in order to use their celebrity to lure audiences to cinemas. According to producer Lagadapati Sridhar, glam divas will be included in high-profile productions. "Probably they want to do women-centric films amidst their routine roles in star-studded movies," he adds. He notes, "They might be mixing up different roles since female-centric scripts beckon them occasionally."



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