Massive lobbying for Ramu & Prabhakar's Ministerial post..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Massive lobbying for Ramu & Prabhakar's Ministerial post..!?
- High lobbying of Babu for minister posts.
-  There is pressure on Babu at the level of NRIs.
- district leaders united for Chintamaneni.
Chandrababu is going to take oath as the chief minister with the big victory of Kutami in AP. Ministers will also take oath in this swearing-in ceremony to be held on the 12th of this month. Babu, who has gone to delhi for prime minister Modi's swearing-in, is busy working on the composition of the cabinet in Amaravati. As soon as Chandrababu came from delhi, many aspirants started lobbying or meeting Babu for a seat in the cabinet or putting various pressures on him. In this order, the two firebrand leaders who achieved sensational victories in this election in tdp, many leaders for the posts of ministers. In other words, it seems that there is pressure on Babu at the level of NRIs. It seems that Babu is also being instructed that only if those leaders are given ministerial positions, their success will be meaningful. The victory of Venigandla ramu who won from gudivada in this election will be written in golden letters in the history of the party itself.
This time, many tdp people also openly said that even if Chandrababu is the cm, if he does not defeat nani -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">kodali nani in gudivada, the victory is meaningless. Everyone is feeling that this bumper victory has come true because of the victory of tdp in gudivada even though they have won all over the state. It is not just criticizing Chandrababu and lokesh with boos. If the tdp gives life, they criticize the same tdp leader badly. They scored a bumper victory with a huge majority of 53 thousand votes in gudivada, which everyone thought would be very tight. In this election, opposition to nani is not only a wave of alliances. ram has captured the minds of the people of gudivada with his personal manifesto. He said that he would provide 10,000 jobs to the youth in the constituency. He gave 2,000 jobs before the elections. It should be said that along with Ramu's personality, being gentle also stole the hearts of the people of Gudivada.

It seems that senior party leaders from the district are lobbying Babu to give a cabinet berth to firebrand chintamaneni prabhakar, mla from denduluru of eluru district. This time in the Ummadi district, kamma Vargam has sacrificed the eluru Parliament, Nidavalu, and Ungutur seats. In the whole of West Godavari, only Dendulur and tanuku have kamma MLAs. It is in this order that there is a massive lobbying for Prabhakar's ministerial post. For this, all the party leaders of the Ummadi district are coming together. It will be clear in a few hours whether ramu in gudivada and prabhakar will become ministers in Dendulur.

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