No Improvement in Samantha after Treatment?

Samantha said two months prior that she was going to produce a movie. She founded a production firm and said that she would be playing the lead role in the movie Maa Inti Bangaram. Two months have passed, but the movie's production hasn't begun yet. She is still receiving medical care in the interim for several conditions, such as immune system and skin disorders.
samantha is currently receiving alternative medical care for her illness. For the last 10 months, samantha has not been on any movie sets. Whether she will soon sign on to regular commercial films is still up in the air. Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been outspoken and honest about her struggles with taking care of herself. samantha disclosed information on alternative medicine therapy in addition to the numerous medicines and treatments she has received for her autoimmune disease, myositis. The actress is currently receiving "red light therapy," which is a procedure that relieves tense muscles and skin.

Samantha has disclosed the difficult time in her life and that she is taking a vacation from performing at the moment. As part of her healing process, the Yashoda actress shared a video of herself on an alternative medicine date with her cat on Instagram, during which she underwent several therapies. She claims that red light therapy relieves skin and muscular soreness and shares a video of her session. In the video, samantha can be seen having fun with her cat.

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