Janhvi Kapoor Getting Married in a Week?

Rumors and gossip are commonplace in the film business, and they frequently have an impact on actors' and actresses' morale and mindsets. bollywood hottie Janhvi Kapoor, who is making her telugu debut with NTR's Devara, has spoken out about the rumors surrounding her marriage. Janhvi talked with her social media fans, commenting on the most recent changes in her professional career as well as media rumors regarding her marriage.

"I recently read that I'm getting married to an X individual. The media chatter has gone too far. They seem to be making it appear as if I am getting married in a week. Unfortunately, I am unaware of my marriage, but media sources are aggressively commenting on and disseminating information about it. Janhvi spoke. There are also media allegations that Janhvi is presently dating Shikhar Pahariya since the two are frequently sighted together.

In terms of Devara, Janhvi has a lot riding on this ntr starrer, since she must make a good debut in the pan-India sector with this actioner. She is said to play a less glamorous part in the film. watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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