Kriti Sanon - "I like being a newcomer every once in a while"

Kriti Sanon, a bollywood starlet, discusses widening her horizons by starting a skincare line, stating that it helps her grow as a person. Kriti Sanon, an actor, is currently widening her horizons in both show business and personal life. She has taken on a new profession as a producer in the film industry and begun a new chapter in her life by starting a skincare business. The performer says she enjoys pursuing her curiosity and is always ready for a challenge.

The actor, who was most recently seen in the box office hit Crew, owns the skincare company Hyphen. In 2024, she takes on the role of producer for Do Patti. It is the first project for her production company, Blue Butterfly Films. When asked about her dream of running a skincare company, Kriti responded, "I genuinely believe that you should hyphen everything you want to do in your life."

She added, “I think bachpan mein jab puchte hein ki aap ko kya banna hein, usually ek answer expect kiya jata hein actor banna hein, teacher banna hein, doctor banna hein jo bhi. Ek hi kyu banna hein? Bohot kuch kyu nahi ban sakte. (As kids, whenever we are asked what do we want to become, we usually expected to give one answer, be it an actor, doctor or teacher. Why just one? Why can’t we be more than just one thing?)”

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