KTR decries ‘removal’ of Kakatiya arch, Charminar from new Telangana emblem

Criticizing chief minister A revanth reddy for 'removing' the Kakatiya arch and the charminar from Telangana's new official insignia, BRS working president KT Rama Rao (KTR) questioned the former's animosity towards the two images of Telangana's previous greatness.
KTR made these comments in an open letter to the chief minister, which he put on X on Tuesday, following the CM's statement that he will eradicate all signs of monarchy in telangana, which will be displayed in the state's official insignia on june 2. KTR reminded the chief minister that a reference to the splendor of Kakatiya art in Ramappa temple was made in telangana state's new official hymn "Jaya Jayahe telangana," which the state government has approved, and questioned why the Kakatiya arch was disregarded in the new symbol.

Also referring to the charminar as an icon of Hyderabad's global prominence, he stated that it was more than simply a structure, and that replacing these images in the new emblem will only hurt the sensibilities of Telangana's four crore inhabitants.
He questioned whether there were any vestiges of monarchy in Karnataka's state insignia, and whether the congress intended to replace it as well.
He also reminded us that the national insignia featured the three lions found on the Ashoka mound, as well as the dharma chakra. He believed that the congress administration was attempting to remove the BRS' political imprints by changing the official insignia, which he warned would not be accepted.

Revanth Reddy, on the other hand, informed journalists that poet Ande Sri was granted the freedom to compose the melody for the new state anthem, and that the song's lyrics were written by him. revanth stated that Ande Sri was free to collaborate with whoever he wanted to write the music for the song.
Revanth further stated that all those who campaigned for Telangana's statehood will be invited to the magnificent festivities on telangana Formation Day, june 2.



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