Malavika Mohanan Reveals about Navel Piercing

In Maruthi's film "The raja Saab," malavika mohanan makes her telugu debut. She collaborated with prabhas on this project, which is still under development. Her next film, "Thangalan," is directed by Pa Ranjith and stars vikram as the hero. The actress is quite famous on social media. She often posts lovely images with her admirers and followers.

Wedding plans
When a fan inquired when she was getting married, she said, "Why are you in a hurry to see me married?"
First crush.
When questioned about her first celebrity crush, she said hrithik roshan was the one.  "I was very young with 'Kaho na pyaar hai' had come out and had a massive crush on #HrithikRoshan," she continued.

Navel Piercing

When a fan asked if she ever fierced her naval, she clarified that this was not a kinky session. "Well, you're searching for a kink-appeasing Q&A, while I'm seeking for an intellectually stimulating one. "We're on two completely different pages," she said amusingly.

Dream roles.
What is her dream role? So gangster is her choice. "I want to play a gangster. It would be intriguing to watch a lady portray a stylish mobster, no? And now that I've been schooled in action sequences, I'm looking forward to exploring that aspect further," she said.
Glam photoshoots.
When asked when she would stop performing skinshows and begin doing more serious acting, she grew irritated and stated that she would never stop displaying beautiful assets. She also claimed to like performing beauty photoshoots. She said, "Because I enjoy to. Simple… Have you got an issue with that?

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