Why Pooja Hegde NOT SIGNING any Telugu Movies? A Silly Reason

Pooja Hegde is one of the country's most popular heroines. Just a year ago, she was working on many projects in several languages. But back-to-back disasters have kept her out of the spotlight. She is yet to sign a new telugu movie, which has surprised everyone because pooja hegde has a huge telugu fan base and filmmakers are lining up to cast her in their films.
However, Pooja's most recent flicks have been box office flops, putting her on the back foot. She now has just two films in production, one with shahid kapoor and one with Ahan Shetty. Aside from these projects, she has not signed any films in hindi or telugu, and a bizarre rumour about why she is not signing has gone rampant in telugu cinema circles.
According to rumours, pooja hegde is consulting with a well-known astrologer in Telangana, who has urged her not to sign any film contracts until september 2024, citing the fact that the next few months are not favourable to her. According to sources, she will only be able to sign films once the month of june begins. This story may sound stupid, but it has quickly gone viral, making the pooja a popular topic of debate.


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