AI Prediction of 2024 AP Elections Result, Winner is?

Since the elections have now taken place in april 2024, here is my prediction for the ap assembly election results that will be announced on July 4th, 2024:
- YSRCP will retain power but with a reduced majority. They may win around 100-110 seats.
- jagan Mohan reddy will continue as the chief minister, but with a weaker mandate this time.
- TDP-JSP-BJP alliance will improve their performance and emerge as the main opposition. They are expected to win around 80-90 seats.
- Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena party is likely to win 10-15 seats, emerging as a minor but significant partner in the alliance.
- bjp may win 5-7 seats on its own strength, riding on the Modi wave.
- Regional and caste-based parties may win a handful of seats collectively.
The reasons for YSRCP losing some seats are likely to be:
- Anti-incumbency after 5 years of rule by Jagan.
- Rising inflation affecting people over the last 2 years.
- A better co-ordinated opposition campaign.
It will be a closely fought election, but YSRCP should be able to retain power albeit with a reduced margin. jagan will continue as cm but in a weaker position. The opposition alliance will improve its tally.

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