Modi insulting Muslims, will ensure he does not become PM

AIMIM president asaduddin owaisi accused prime minister narendra modi of "insulting" Muslims by suggesting that the india bloc will take away "mangalsutras" for women and quotas for underprivileged castes and give them to the community.
Addressing an election rally in Bihar's Karakat lok sabha constituency, Owaisi, whose party is not a member of the opposition coalition, vowed to prevent Modi from serving a third consecutive term in office, which would result in "scaremongering in the name of Hindus and Muslims, temples and mosques".

"Modi told a falsehood when he asserted Muslim women had more children. He has also repeatedly insulted the community, claiming that Muslims desire to touch'mangalsutras'. "A true Muslim will always protect his sisters and mangalsutras," declared the hyderabad MP during a rally in Rohtas district's Nasriganj sub-division.
Owaisi, whose party has a candidate in many seats in the state, including Karakat, stated, "Vote for our sister priyanka Chaudhary." It is my vow that my party would ensure that the country's next prime minister is neither narendra modi or any other bjp leader."

He argued that if Modi returned to power, nobody would listen to the people's complaints.
"When the youths raise their voices over job losses, they would attempt to raise the issue of locks (on the ram temple). He has no qualms about hundreds of industrial enterprises being permanently shut down as a result of demonetisation," stated the AIMIM head.
"The Agniveer initiative illustrates Modi's approach to employment development. If he returns to power, the government may implement similar four-year contractual services for paramilitary forces like the CRPF, BSF, and SSB," he added.

Owaisi objected to a video broadcast by RJD president Lalu prasad in which he exhorted voters in the Sheohar lok sabha constituency, where voting had taken place earlier in the day, not to vote for the AIMIM candidate.
"Lalu prasad said Owaisi's party was there just to divide votes. I must admit that Lalu prasad has deceived Muslims for years under the banner of the MY (Muslim-Yadav) alliance. He has utilized the community for votes to achieve power for himself and his family members," he said.

He pointed out that the RJD, which was contesting 23 of Bihar's 40 seats, "could find only two Muslims as prospective candidates." An equal number of Prasad's daughters are also running in the elections. That demonstrates the party's priorities".
Referring to Prasad's son and heir apparent Tejashwi Yadav, who has been leading the RJD's campaign, Owaisi stated, "Ever since we announced our candidates in Bihar, you have begun to see the token presence of Muslims in his rallies."
He did, however, say that Muslims in the state should remember that they may not only vote, but also seek them.


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