Jagan's preconceived notions will make him a perfect CM..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Jagan's preconceived notions will make him a perfect CM..!?

After the 2019 elections, the janasena party used to speak in sharp disagreement with the telugu Desam Party. Now the Bharatiya Janata party is also speaking the same. But these three parties are one and the same. In the last election too, they behaved as if they were separate, but Jaganmohan reddy campaigned saying that these three parties are one. Then the party members also commented that the people would laugh. But you keep watching and Jaganmohan reddy came and told them that the same thing will happen.

In the end, what Jaganmohan reddy said came true. These three parties have formed an alliance in the 2024 elections, that this alliance will happen in this case. Jaganmohan reddy has prepared in advance that Purandeshwari will put pressure on the ec with the leadership of BJP. That is why Jaganmohan reddy sent money to the respective constituencies in advance. But Jaganmohan reddy has once again proved his wisdom by thinking ahead and sending the money to the respective constituencies before the election schedule.

Money has reached every candidate. It is reported that even one YSRCP candidate did not say that he did not have money. jagan personally monitored things like knowing how much money he had, andadjusting the rest of the money, especially distributing Rs 30 to Rs 35 crore for each mla candidate at the rate of Rs 2000 per one and a half lakh votes. This is the information given by those who have checked there. There is no doubt that Jagan's preconceived notions will make him a perfect CM.

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