Telangana Hyderabad - Cyber criminals pose as officials, attempt to extort money

In two separate incidents, cyber fraudsters used authorities' identities to trick people into paying huge quantities of money under the guise of a crime and threatening arrest.
In one case, a fraudster reportedly threatened a telangana businessman using the phone number of the director General of police (DGP), ravi Gupta.
According to accounts, the fraudster asked for Rs. 50,000 to discharge an alleged complaint against the businessman. To increase credibility, the scammer posted a photo of DGP ravi Gupta as their whatsapp profile image. He also threatened the businessman's daughter, alleging she was engaged in a narcotics case.

Suspecting foul play, the businessman filed a police report about the occurrence. According to cybercrime officials, the whatsapp call was made from a number with the +92 country code, which is associated with Pakistan's cyber police.
In another case, cybercriminals posing as bsnl officials conned a city-based teacher into transferring Rs. 3 lakhs. The scammers called the instructor, falsely saying his telephone number was tied to illicit activity and was being monitored by high officials.
They threatened him with charges under the Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, coercing him into paying Rs 3,05,533 to avoid being arrested within two hours. Despite giving payment documents, the teacher became skeptical and concluded he had been duped.

He reported the event to the hyderabad police's cybercrime unit.
According to authorities, the instructor received a call informing him that his cellphone number would be disabled owing to alleged unlawful activity. He was directed to call a toll-free number to file a complaint with the Alambagh police station in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
When he called the toll-free number, a person pretending to be a sub-inspector told him that his Aadhaar number had been used to create three bank accounts for unlawful money laundering. They also threatened him with terrible repercussions, threatening that he would be detained.

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