Allu Arjun and wife Sneha Reddy enjoy lunch at local non-AC hotel

Allu arjun and his wife sneha reddy were recently observed enjoying a simple lunch together at a neighboring non-air-conditioned eatery, away from the flash and glamour of the entertainment world. In a snapshot that has since gone viral online, the pair appeared at ease in the informal setting.
It was quite a sight to witness allu arjun and his wife having lunch at a nearby hotel. Many netizens were drawn to the couple's modest character and couldn't stop themselves from commenting. Some even resorted to social networking site X to express their respect for their down-to-earth attitude in choosing to dine in such a modest establishment.

Allu arjun and sneha reddy were dishing up huge couple goals while eating lunch at a local hotel. As they dressed casually in this cheap motel, many people on the internet began to appreciate their modesty. Moreover, allu arjun was also recently spotted making an appearance at the director’s day event in LB Stadium of Hyderabad. Aside from the famous stars, Nani, Adivi Sesh, allari Naresh, and sudheer babu attended the occasion, making it even more memorable. Earlier, there were even speculations that prabhas was slated to be part of the event but the rebel actor didn’t manage to make a presence.

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