VIDEO - Bride's Ex-Lover Stabs Groom On Stage With Knife

In a frightening occurrence in Bhilwara, near Chittorgarh district in Rajasthan, a teenager stepped up on stage under the guise of delivering a gift to a couple getting married. However, while passing over the present to the bride and groom on stage, the individual repeatedly strikes him with a knife. Fortunately for the groom, the pagadi, or headdress worn by grooms as part of traditional wedding clothing, protected him from major damage. However, the groom was still injured in the event.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The accused, shankar lal Bharti, resides in the same village as the bride. He was familiar to the bride because they had both worked at a school as instructors two years prior. This is where the youth and the woman came into confrontation. According to reports, the accused and groom were furious when their relationship deteriorated.

Vishal Sail, the bride's brother, stated in his statement to the police that his sister krishan married Mahendra Sen on May 12. shankar Lal stepped up on stage during the celebration, gave the bride a gift, and posed for a photograph. However, he unexpectedly assaulted the groom with a knife onstage. The culprit, shankar Lal, fled after beating the groom. Following the event, family members and townspeople followed him, but the accused escaped and could not be apprehended.
An investigation is underway to apprehend him, and two other individuals who assisted him in the crime and fled have also been identified. The accused and his associates fired shots while being pursued by the bride's relatives.


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