YSRCP leader betrayed party in Chandragiri?

The ysr congress party dismissed a senior and prominent party official from the chandragiri assembly constituency in tirupati district on monday after it was discovered that he had destroyed the party's chances in the recent assembly elections.
M R C reddy, the party's leader, has been a faithful supporter from its inception. He was a staunch supporter of the late Y. S. Rajasekhar reddy, previous chief minister, and later Y. S. jagan Mohan reddy, YSRCP president and current chief minister.

According to a party statement, M. R. C. reddy had received multiple complaints for anti-party activity.
"After a thorough inquiry into these complaints, it was found that he had indeed violated party discipline," the statement said.
According to the announcement, jagan ordered M R C Reddy's suspension from the party based on the recommendations of the party's disciplinary committee.
M R C reddy, the YSRCP's state election observer, was also a close associate of Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy, the state's mining and electricity minister.
He had been highly active on social media up until the day of the poll, but then went silent, not posting any messages or comments. He also became unreachable to party leaders.

Notably, M R C reddy was noticeably missing during the large-scale rioting in chandragiri the day following the elections. The party appeared to assume that he had joined forces with competitors during this event.
In the chandragiri constituency, the YSRCP fielded chevireddy Mohit reddy against telugu desam party candidate Pulivarthi Nani. During the elections, the competition was fierce.
However, it is unclear how M R C reddy damaged Mohit Reddy's electoral chances.

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