Fear of Defeat is Haunting Andhra BJP

The bjp does not appear to be optimistic since it could have miscalculated the odds of obtaining seats in the elections in Andhra Pradesh. The saffron party has low hopes since, according to party insiders, there is a belief within the party that the state's recently held assembly and lok sabha elections would result in loss.

The BJP's grassroots lacks the type of fervor it showed before the election. The party could have concluded that joining the TDP-led alliance was a tactical error before the june 4 vote process. By the seat-sharing arrangement, the bjp ran candidates for 10 assembly seats and six lok sabha seats.

GVL narasimha Rao, a senior bjp leader and member of the Rajya Sabha, was running for a lok sabha seat from the Visakhapatnam constituency. However, because of D Purandeswari, the chief of the ap bjp, and the alliance's pressure, Sribharat Mathukumilli, the younger son-in-law of actor-politician N Balakrishna, won the seat. narasimha Rao has put a lot of effort into enhancing the party's prospects in the vizag area.

In the same vein, former MLC PVN madhav expressed his disappointment at not receiving his ticket for the Anakapalli assembly seat. The tdp selected Putta Mahesh Yadav, the son-in-law of tdp senior leader Yanamala Ramakrishna, as its candidate for the lok sabha from the eluru parliamentary constituency, despite bjp leader Tapana Chowdary's desire to run from the eluru MP seat. In the most recent elections, Somu Veerraju, the previous head of the BJP's state unit, was also not given a ticket. Several party stalwarts were denied tickets by the Purandeswari-led party leadership.
 There are also rumours that the party conveyed the incorrect message to the people of the state by giving the vijayawada West ticket to YS Chowdary, also known as sujana Chowdary, who is accused of committing a bank fraud for Rs 5,700. The TDP's lack of backing for the saffron party throughout the election campaign and Chandrababu Naidu's exaggerated claims in the party's platform are contributing factors to the BJP's dissatisfaction.

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