Samantha Rejects Vijay after Controversies ?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a tollywood actress who would shortly appear in "Maa Inti Bangaram," is said to have declined a large offer that was made to her. According to the sources, a well-known producer made the offer. A prominent journal claimed that the offer came with a data-sizeable portion of the movie's earnings in addition to an alluring pay. Even though these kinds of offers are typical in the field, Samantha's decision to turn down this alluring offer shows how determined and wise she is.
Industry sources claim that samantha received a call from a producer who wanted to give her a big payment plus a 25% share in the movie's earnings. These advantages might have potentially exceeded Rs. 10 crore in total value. samantha, however, refused to back down and stood firm. 

Samantha has now rejected 'Thalapathy' Vijay's next movie under H.Vinoth's direction. Initially, trisha was decided as the female lead and now as Suchitra created noise with her open talk, trisha walked out and samantha was likely to replace. But she also rejected the offer.
Samantha stands out for her unrelenting commitment to her own goals. Rather than pursuing large salaries, her primary goal is to launch her own production business. She secretly discussed her plans with trusted advisors and confidants for more than half a year. She made a deliberate choice that was in line with her long-term objectives when she turned down the producer's offer.

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