VIDEO - Trisha Plays TRUTH or DARE with Vijay - Vijay asked Trisha to

Singer Suchitra strikes again with her bold and open speech. The actress revealed the dark secrets of tamil cinema industry and now she brought an unknown side of 'Thalapathy' Vijay and Trisha. There were several gossips circulating regarding the two actors for a long time and despite that, they paired together after 14 years for 'Leo' and the movie wasn't up to the expectations.

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In this case, singer Suchi revealed that trisha used to play 'Truth or Dare' game with Vijay and Vijay would dare trisha to dance before his house. Suchi never stopped there and she said Vijay puts up such a 'Good' data-face outside but all he does is...!  This new interview of Suchitra is creating a lot of noise again. 

In the earlier interview, the singer has mentioned that the 'Suchi leak' incident was a prank gone wrong. Suchitra once again mentioned how the prank vulture is relevant in Kollywood.Suchitra also spoke about 'truth and dare game at parties and mentions about parties at Thalapathy Vijay's house. "They say trisha danced and sang in front of Vijay's house in one such parties. trisha will do any such dares and she earned legendary status in these parties...Vijay is such a good data-face outside...unfortunately every second day such parties happen at his house," she added.

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