Injured Aishwarya Rai heads to Cannes Film Festival with daughter

Aishwarya Rai, a regular at the Cannes Film Festival, is ready to walk the red carpet this year too. aishwarya Bachchan was spotted at the airport on wednesday night on her way to Cannes with her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. However many of her followers were concerned about her sling-covered right arm. Despite the actor's seeming lack of transparency regarding any injuries, fans expressed their concerns in the comments on social media.
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Aishwarya was seen stepping out of her car with her daughter Aaradhya in a video that was recorded and posted on instagram by a paparazzi account. The performer's right arm was in a sling, and her wrist was covered in a white cast. She wore a black dress and an unfastened blue coat that hung down to her knees. Aaradhya was dressed in black trousers and a bright blue sweatshirt. After giving the journalists a little wave, aishwarya arrived at the mumbai airport.

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Reacting to her injury, several fans raised concern in the comments. One fan said, “OMG she will walk Cannes with injured hands, god bless!” A second fan commented, “I hope she is fine and well. The most gorgeous graceful person Aishwarya. Cant wait to see her at Cannes. love her so much.” A comment read, “The way she is taking care of her daughter. Wow!” “Looking forward to her Cannes look,” read another comment.

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