Secret behind Pawan Kalyan walking in public with his wife?

Sowmiya Sriram

Secret behind pawan kalyan walking in public with his wife?

Recently, Pawan Kalyan's public appearance with his wife AnaKonide has become a topic of discussion. But there is a big plan behind this. power star pawan kalyan is now going to become a professional political leader. Already he has become a full-fledged leader. He is influencing as a politician rather than a movie hero. It can be said that Powerstar is dominating. pawan kalyan contested in ap 2024 elections with tdp and BJP. According to the surveys and information, it is known that the tdp, Jana Sena and BJP alliance will win this election. It is known that Pawan is going to play a key role in politics. It is reported that he is going to become a kingmaker in the ap government.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan is recently seen with his wife Anna Lezhinova. On the voting day, he came to the polling booth with his wife. Even though she did not have the right to vote, he brought her and tried to show it to everyone. This has become the talk of the politics. Pawan, who does not have the right to vote, why he had to come with his wife has become a topic of discussion. Now on the occasion of Modi's varanasi nominations, pawan kalyan also participated in his nomination program. Another feature is that Pawan went there with his wife. After that, they went to kashi vishwanath temple for worship and abhishekam.

Pawan along with his wife Ana visited the konidela temple. Explained from Pawan. Along with them, Uttar Pradesh State Forest minister Arun Kumar Saxena is also present. With this, it seems that Pawan is becoming a key player in the country's politics. But Pawan's going to this program with his wife will be a topic of discussion in political circles as well as in the film industry. What is Pawan's plan? The big question is what it means. But there is an interesting discussion about this. There have been reports for a long time that Pawan has separated from his third wife Ana Konide.

 It is known that there was a quarrel between the two, and due to this, the two are separating, Ana has gone to Russia, and the two are living far away. It is said that Pawan is getting ready for his fourth marriage. Taking this as a chance, ycp leaders got angry and criticized. It seems that Pawan has brought his wife in public to answer all of them.

Politically, Pawan is going to become a key leader in state and national politics. His level will increase. With this, it is known that Pawan has planned this to avoid criticism related to his personal life, to avoid discussion on that side, and at the same time to avoid negative images from the side of women. But it is known that there are quarrels between the two and that his wife has left Russia, but if not, it is known that Pawan set those problems. And we need to know the truth in this. pawan kalyan first married Nandi in 1997. Not set for two. They separated after ten years. Pawan fell in love with renu desai before the two broke up. He maintained the relationship. akira Nandan had a child with her before marriage. Adya was born after marriage in 2009. After that, they got separated after two years. Later, he got married for the third time in 2013 to Russian actress Ana Lezhineva. They have a son and a daughter.

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