Rayalaseema - The Battle between two families!

They are two political families who are ruling the politics of the state.. They belong to the same social group and also the same district.. Even they are from the same constituency, but one does not like the other. So far, there has never been a situation where they collided with each other. But right now they are devising strategies to beat each other.

Two politically powerful families in rayalaseema are going to contest the rajampet constituency this time. Former minister Nallari kiran kumar Reddy is from one of those families. The second is the family of ycp senior leader minister Peddareddy Ramachandra Reddy. Their family members were also in the same party. But as time changed, both families also joined different parties. Peddireddy family joins ycp party and opted for politics in Rayalaseema.
Kiran Kumar Reddy, who served as the chief minister at last, was away from politics due to the effect of state division. After that, he has re-entered the bjp and is becoming active. His brother kishore kumar Reddy is contesting on behalf of TDP. elections have become a test for these two families. Seeing the way these political leaders are facing each other, this matter becomes a hot topic in politics.
There are assembly seats like Punganur, Madanapally, rajampet, Railway Koduru, Rayachoti, Madanapally, Tamballapally in rajampet constituency. This constituency was once well-held by the congress party. There were 13 elections for the lok sabha seats and 9 times the congress party won twice. Peddareddy Havani is seen mostly in rajampet lok sabha seat. But to check the pulse of people, former cm Nallari kiran kumar Reddy is going to contest here. tdp has won here only twice in its 40-year history. That is why it is reported that Chandrababu has taken Rajampeta constituency.
This time, with the rajampet elections, the power struggle between the two families seems to raise a notch higher. kiran kumar Reddy, who is trying to enter politics after ten years and is looking to be successful again, is doing extensive party campaign by joining the alliance. But it is becoming a minus for bjp due to the majority of Muslim voters there. Also, the ycp party is advancing there with the help of mithun Reddy's father. Let's see who will win in this exciting fight.

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