AP - What's Cooking in Pithapuram?

Politics has become very heated in pithapuram of kakinada district. YSP's tricks to defeat Jana Sena's pawan kalyan are not going away. YCP's strategies are pale in comparison to the strategies of the alliance parties. There are also allegations that the ycp is afraid of the alliance and they are doing some petty politics. kakinada sitting mp Vanga geetha is entering the ring as a ycp candidate and is rushing in the campaign. She is planning many tricks to defeat pawan kalyan anyway.
TDP boss Chandrababu put a check on her ideas. He wrote strategies to campaign together and throws a lot of promises. At the same time, Vanga Geeta also entrusted the responsibility of pithapuram to three key leaders and made all kinds of strategies to support her even the officials. But no matter how many conspiracies she does, there is a talk that the graph of the alliance party is increasing day by day and not decreasing. But as part of the tdp alliance, the ticket has been finalized for Pawan Kalyan.
Heeding CBN's words, varma is rushing in the campaign along with Pawan Kalyan. Because of this, Vanga Gita is not able to swallow. As she got the idea that Pawan will win anyway, it is reported that she started a program of distributing money excessively. Moreover, these three leaders Pawan Kalyan, Verma and nagababu are tirelessly campaigning in the constituency and pleasing the voters. Also, pawan kalyan is distributing some printed copies of how he would develop pithapuram with 14 principles. It seems that there has already been some disagreement in the ycp cadre. Political analysts say that the Jana Sena alliance's victory is certain.

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