CBN - Losing his Patience with the Alliance!

It is known that the bjp, tdp and janasena parties have formed an alliance as part of the alliance in Andhra Pradesh.. Especially they are very hopeful that the bjp party will be in favor of Chandrababu. tdp is thinking that elections should go smoothly in Andhra. tdp is hoping for BJP's help, especially in electioneering. Chandrababu also felt that the Center would help the tdp party in tying down the YCP. That is why they made alliances with many efforts. But it seems that the bjp alliance is acting differently.

It is being spread that Chandrababu is a bit impatient on this matter. There are only 17 days left for the campaign. Chandrababu is afraid of what if bjp doesn't help as planned due to lack of time. Especially in Andhra, it seems that they have already asked to transfer the DGP as well as the Chief Secretary to the Government. tdp also expressed suspicions that all of them are cooperating with ycp party.

A lot of commotion continued in the month of april in the case of social pension as well. It can also be said that there has been a lot of backlash on the telugu desam party on this matter. By May, the tdp leader wants to see that the old people receive pension smoothly. There are already reports that even volunteers have been spared. In the past, many people in the alliance are suffering because prime minister Modi did not even criticize cm Jagan. Especially in AP, even though the bjp party does not have any popularity, it was given 6 mp seats and 10 assembly seats.

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