BJP Malkajgiri candidate Eatala Rajender has only Rs 1 lakh cash and No Car

Eatala Rajender, the bjp candidate from the malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat, has reported to the election commission of india that he possesses Rs 1 lakh in cash, while his spouse Eatala jamuna has Rs 1.42 lakh on hand. In 2022–2023 he earned around Rs 13 lakh, while his spouse made about Rs 1.5 crore. Rajender does not possess a car, according to the election document he filed with the returning officer, but jamuna does own an Innova, an Innova Crysta, and a CRV. She is the owner of 1.5 kilograms of gold worth Rs 50 lakh.

His immovable assets are valued at Rs 12.5 crore, while his moveable assets comprise Rs 6.73 lakh. The moveable assets of his spouse Eatala jamuna are valued at Rs 26.6 crore, while her immovable assets are valued at Rs 14.7 crore. jamuna has liabilities of about Rs 15 crore, while Rajender's total liabilities are estimated to be approximately Rs 5.5 crore. These were shown as bank and individual loans.


He and his spouse are landowners in the villages of Devarayamijal and Pudur in the Rangareddy district, as well as Achampet in the medak district. Their combined agricultural land area is around 72.5 acres. They did not inherit any of these qualities. Of them, jamuna acquired 44 acres between 2014 and 2020. 500 square yards of non-agricultural property in banjara hills are owned by Jamuna; the land was bought in 2013 for a sum of Rs 2 crore.

Together, Rajender and jamuna possess 1,84,000 square feet of commercial space made up of chicken houses, a building, and a rural godown. These properties cost a total of Rs 1.05 crore when they were bought in 2000 and 2002. These properties are estimated to be worth Rs 5.5 crore.
Rajender has two joint family properties: one in Podur (0.32 guntas) and one in Kamalapur (400 sq yards). jamuna does not own any residential structures. He bought the Podur mansion between 2016 and 2017. These two residential properties are estimated to be worth Rs 7.5 crore on the present market.

54 Pending Cases

According to Rajender, 54 cases against him are still outstanding. Of those, five resulted in convictions, and he was fined between Rs. 100 and Rs. 1,500.
The majority of the complaints filed against him were brought about by rail Rokos, unlawful assembly, train obstruction, preventive custody, bus stand damage, police abuse, obstruction of police, and other offenses during the telangana struggle for statehood.
A few other instances were dismissed for lack of evidence, and in one case involving the sc & st (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and sections 147, 307 r/w 149 of the IPC, the judge had deemed the case to be "false."


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