Viveka’s Murder Case In Avinash Reddy’s Affidavit

In an attempt to win the seat back, YS avinash Reddy, the current mp for Kadapa, formally submitted his nomination yesterday. In the meantime, it is also known that avinash is one of the main suspects in YS Vivekananda Reddy's murder case. avinash freely acknowledged being mentioned in two criminal cases related to Viveka's murder in his filed affidavit. He claimed to have been charged with murder, evidence destruction, and conspiracy by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
According to Avinash, the matter is pending before the cbi court located in Nampally. He went on to say that in the murder case, he is A8. He also said that he was the target of another lawsuit in Mydakuru. Regarding his financial holdings, avinash disclosed that he and his wife, Samatha, jointly possess assets of Rs. 25.51 crores (25,51,19,305).

He stated that he had an Innova that cost 32.75 lakhs rupees. avinash acknowledged that he had 27.40 acres in pulivendula Mandal, Bhakarapuram, and Aankalammaguduru that were spread over Velamavaripalle. He went on to say that his wife owns around 33.90 acres of land in the ysr area of Valluru, Ootukuru, Ponakamitta, and Vishakapatnam.

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