Revanth Reddy's Allegations Alerts Amit Shah

Revanth Reddy, the chief minister, has directly accused the bjp and congress of having a connection in the forthcoming general elections. He attacked kcr, asking why the politician, along with ktr and Harish Rao, hadn't gone door-to-door in areas like malkajgiri, Bhuvangiri, Zaheerabad, Chevella, and Mahabubnagar. To subtly support the bjp, revanth accused kcr of fielding poor candidates in these segments, supposedly to protect his daughter kavitha from issues involving alcohol. Before the last General Elections, the people of telangana accepted similar accusations, which seriously hurt the BJP.

Revanth appears to be trying to use a similar tactic to influence public opinion by implying that the bjp and BRS have a covert friendship. Before the general elections, telangana voters accepted the same accusation, which severely damaged the BJP. The lack of a robust response from either party has come as a surprise, which has made the bjp leadership wary and alert. The BJP's amit shah is keeping a close eye on the telangana Lok Sabha polls, and candidates are getting guidance and instructions that are specific to the region. The bjp leadership has instructed the state party to win at least 10 seats in telangana to reach its goal of 370 seats worldwide. As a result, they routinely evaluate the changing dynamics in every constituency—aside from one or two.

Special teams are also informing the national leadership about the effects of leaders entering and exiting the party, as well as the assistance that local party leaders are giving to congressional and BRS candidates. This involves evaluating the sentiments of both locals and party cadres. Special survey teams have claimed, citing party sources, that several prominent figures in the parliamentary seats of Mahabubnagar, Medak, and malkajgiri have joined the congress in the last 10 days. Nine candidates that ran in the most recent assembly elections are among them. There are also hints that some other leaders in the bjp would also be tempted to join the Congress.

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