Day 1 of Lok Sabha polls to test BJP's Gamble in Tamil Nadu

Now that april 19 has arrived, following all the verbal combat, it's time for the physical combat. Three core bjp components are put to the test on the first day of the lok sabha elections. It will assess the party's confidence in annamalai in tamil Nadu, its ability to maintain its position in North Bengal, and its ability to repel opposition in Rajasthan's Sekhawati area.
The 45-day voting period for the lok sabha election begins on april 19 and finishes on june 1. On june 4, the results of the important polls will be released.
How powerful the electorate wants the bjp to be will be determined by the election, in which opinion polls indicate that the Modi administration will be re-elected for a third term.

The BJP's "Ab ki bar 400 paar" aim makes these 102 seats in 21 states and Union Territories that go to vote in the first round on 19 april critical.
Tamil Nadu is the main battlefield to watch, given it only has one phase of voting. Following the North's near-saturation, the bjp has directed its expansion efforts towards tamil Nadu.
The BJP's chances of holding onto three seats in North Bengal, which the state overwhelmingly voted for in 2019, will be tested on april 19.

The Rajasthani area of Sekhawati would present the bjp with a significant challenge during the first phase as well. The bjp is contending with the resentment of the Rajputs as well as a challenge from a prominent turncoat in the area. The situation is exacerbated by resentment over the Agniveer plan and water constraints.


Phase 1 voting will take place in tamil Nadu, one of the last frontiers for the BJP. This Friday, april 19, the state will go to polls, testing prime minister Narendra Modi's 'South Push' and the BJP's goal of 'Mission 50'.
To be sure, the tamil Nadu bjp under K annamalai has fought hard thus far. Before the period of silence began, the prime minister made nine trips to the state and addressed rallies in chennai, Coimbatore, Vellore, and Tirunelveli.
The UPA alliance won a huge win in the 2019 lok sabha elections, with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) securing 38 of the 39 seats in the state.
The bjp has great faith in annamalai, who spearheaded the BJP-NDA campaign in the state, despite his lack of experience in politics. Along with former telangana and puducherry Governor tamilisai soundararajan, who has been urged back into electoral politics by the party, he is one of the candidates whose destiny will be decided by the electorate.

Soundararajan is facing a DMK candidate in chennai South, while annamalai is running from Coimbatore.
The most interesting seat to follow is K Annamalai's selection from Coimbatore, which is explained by the importance of the seat for the BJP. In a four-cornered race, the DMK, AIADMK, and tamil nationalist Naam Tamilar Katchi will square off against the former IPS officer.
The key themes of the prime minister's campaign in the state were development, the DMK's alleged corruption, and tamil honour. It would be intriguing to observe whether the Prime Minister's national security discourse resonates with tamil Nadu voters.

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