Only Actor to Make Use of the Past Decade

Amidst the heightened stakes and heightened pressure from across india for superstar films, leading actors have been patiently completing their projects. For example, after the release of ram charan and Jr. NTR's rrr in march 2022, there hasn't been a single release from them. Although Charan had Acharya, this was only a little part for her. They are not releasing anything fresh for about two and a half years. However, with his flawless preparation and execution, tamil superstar Vijay has made the most of the past ten years.

Vijay released thirteen new albums between 2014 and 24. Vijay is returning soon with GOAT, which is scheduled for release on september 5, following the release of Leo, the biggest success of his career, which came out last October. Based on historical patterns, Vijay releases a new album around every 11 months, or sometimes even fewer. Furthermore, he is preserving the films' caliber. Except for Beast, five of his previous six films—Sarkar, Bigil, Master, Varisu, and Leo—have performed well at the box office.
 Even if we ignore the box office results, the hero has a sizable fan base in the tamil belt because of his willingness to make a new film each year to appease his followers. Right now, he's the biggest name in tamil film. Vijay is an indian celebrity who has perhaps made the most of the past ten years. Although telugu actors need a minimum of two to two and a half years to complete a film, they produce five, or at most six, in a decade. But Vijay's flawless preparation and execution are increasing this total.

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